Q: David, I have two large dogs and am in desperate need for new carpet for in my living room. What type of carpet would be best? What kind of stain-proof materials are available in the market?


A: Pets and carpets can sometimes be a tricky combination. Luckily there are numerous stain-proof carpets on the market today that can make your home stylish and pet friendly at the same time. Keep in mind, no carpet is 100 percent stain-proof. These types of carpets are coated with a chemical finish that repels dirt and liquids and prevents them from being ground into the carpet fibers. That’s how these chemicals make it easier to remove messes quickly and without leaving permanent damage on the surface of the carpet.


The most common type of stain-resistant carpet is nylon. It’s a standard practice for nylon carpeting to be manufactured with chemical stain-resistant treatments. Nylon is also very durable, so it might be an option that would accommodate your large dogs. Many olefin or polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant as well. There’s also a new yarn based carpeting known as Triexta that was developed with a built-in stain resistance, not a chemical coating. But stain-resistant carpeting isn’t limited to these three materials. While you are shopping around, simply check and see which carpets are available with stain-resistant treatment. They should be clearly identified to help you decide on your purchase.


With the exception of Triexta carpeting (which the manufactures claim never loses soil resistance), eventually the protective chemicals coating will wear out on stain-resistant carpet. But if you take proper care of your carpets they will definitely stay looking nice for many years. You can help your stain-resistant carpets last longer by avoiding the use of bleaches and other strong chemicals that could wear down the coating. 


It’s a comfort to know that having pets does not mean you are limited when it comes to flooring options. ACo can help you find the right type of carpeting that fits your style, budget (and canine roommates, if you have any).




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