Q: Is it better to use prefinished or unfinished wood when it comes to renovating our floors?


A: Prefinished hardwood flooring has undergone many changes since hardwood flooring has become the choice for flooring in homes. At one time, when you purchased hardwood, you bought the wood unfinished. This meant that when you had it installed, it had to be stained as well as given a protective coat and a shine.


Today, however, you can still buy unfinished hardwood, but the advantages of choosing prefinished wood are many and are good to consider.


Color Options: Each prefinished hardwood flooring manufacturer has various color selections available along with different sizes of boards and finishes.


Thickness Options: The thickness of boards for prefinished wood floors can range from ¼ inch thick to ¾ inch thick. The top layer of the prefinished hardwood is the most important because it is the part that has to endure the wear and tear. The thicker the layer is, the more times you can refinish the wood floors in the future.


Width Options: The various widths you can choose from in prefinished wood flooring are a matter of personal taste. Work with ACo and we can help you navigate the various options and choices to learn what the impact of each would have in your home.


Size Edges: The side edges of the prefinished hardwood flooring boards are also an important factor to consider. You can choose micro-bevel, also called eased edge, bevelled and square edged hardwood boards. Each one of these achieves a different effect in the prefinished wood flooring that you have.


Number of Coats of Finish Vary: The types of flooring for prefinished wood floors also vary according to manufacturer, but these are applied in a factory under ideal settings. Usually hardwood floors have seven coats of finish on them when you buy  prefinished hardwood you get a more consistent and stronger finish.


Components: The newest finish on the market for prefinished hardwood flooring contains aluminum oxide, but there are also acrylic, urethane or UV cured as alternatives..


Level of Sheen: There are also several levels of sheen – gloss, semi-gloss and mat. The number of coats on the prefinished wood floors will determine the level of shine that you have. Even though unfinished hardwood flooring is still popular, prefinished wood flooring makes up more than half of the sales for wood floors. This is because it allows people to have a renovation project completed in their homes more quickly with less mess and a better finish.


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