Product Feature: Life Guard Carpet because Life Happens!

Product Feature: Life Guard Carpet because Life Happens!

Do you have those bad moments, days, even weeks where the kid threw his milk across the room, the dog had an accident and that glass of red wine slipped out from your hands? Let’s be honest, we all have those rough spells and home messes just got a little easier with Shaw’s Life Guard carpet.

Fairly new to the market, Shaw’s Life Happens line of Life Guard carpet is waterproof and the “cleanest carpet for healthy living.”

Yes, you heard us right.

No more rushing for the paper towels and stain remover – Life Guard carpet is engineered with waterproof backing, preventing any soakage into the carpet or even worse, carpet pad! Similar to a stain resistant fabric, liquids bead for an easy clean up so you can spend those moments enjoying more of what you love.

Your carpet selection just got easier with Life Happens by Shaw and the variety of available patterns, colors and styles are on display at ACo‘s showroom. For your next carpet installation, be sure to contact the design professionals at ACo by visiting liveaco.com or give them a call at 317-575-9540.


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