Product Feature: Toto’s Kiwami Sink

Product Feature: Toto’s Kiwami Sink

You want to turn a drab, uninspiring bathroom into a calm, peaceful, spa-like oasis. You want simple and clean style that is anything but boring. Toto’s Kiwami sink is designed for streamlined, contemporary appeal and extraordinary convenience. See the difference that clean lines and advanced technology make.

Meet the Kiwami

Simply Gorgeous!

Vessel sinks – those that are free-standing and sit directly on your countertop or other mounting surface – have exploded in popularity. This trend has evolved from oversized bowl sinks, to a much sleeker version that is popular today. They are valued for their clean, contemporary lines and remarkable versatility. Vessel sinks offer timeless beauty.

Toto, founded in 1917, strives to deliver high quality products that contribute to a comfortable lifestyle; they are also committed to conserving natural resources and energy. They are the creators behind the beautiful Kiwami sink. The ADA compliant vessel sink integrates several features designed for maximum satisfaction. These include:

  • CEFIONTECT Ceramic Glaze. This sophisticated glaze is ultra-smooth: it prevents particulates and mold from adhering to the porous sink surface, minimizes debris, and keeps the bowl cleaner much longer than with standard sinks. You will require less chemicals and less water for cleaning. This is part of Toto’s commitment to environmental responsibility – and to you as a customer.
  • This ultra-smooth, thin, and durable material ensures your bathroom vessel sink will look amazing and perform just as well for years to come. While surprisingly slim, LINEARCERAM is incredibly strong.
  • Front Overflow. This allows for faster draining and prevents accidental overflows.
  • Decorative Drain Cover. A little touch that adds elegance and sophistication.

Enjoy clean aesthetics and beauty for years

When you are planning a bathroom remodel, there are many decisions to make. When you want a clean contemporary aesthetic, consider the Toto Kiwami vessel sink. Contact the team at ACo for more information or for help planning the most important design elements in your bathroom remodel.


by Katie Mientka


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