Product Spotlight: Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide

Product Spotlight: Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide

When it’s time to entertain, whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, a poker night, an intimate dinner for six, or a family holiday for thirty guests, preparing the meal is all about timing and coordination. The food will undoubtedly be delicious – if only everything goes to plan! The Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide makes it a breeze to execute the perfect meal. Let’s take a look at this innovative cooking companion.

Smart Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier – and Tastier!

Winner of the prestigious Best of KBIS 2019 Award, this Signature Kitchen Suite range is every chef’s (or busy homeowner’s!) dream. It is the first range to market that offers built-in sous vide.

Sous vide is a cooking method in which you place foods in a plastic pouch or glass jar and immerse them in a water bath. The temperature, much lower than typical cooking, must be just right and carefully regulated throughout the process. Sous vide captures the full flavor of foods and elevates your culinary game. The best part is that this high-end range makes it effortless.

The cooktop also features:

  • Two ultra-low burners. These burners simmer as low as 100°, making them perfect for delicate creations, such as sauces or classic French custards.
  • Two ultra-high burners. Turn up the heat! The 23K BTU burners make quick work of stir fry and seared dishes.
  • 2 zone induction. You’ll have your desired temperature instantly and maintain precise control for those tricky recipes that require a constant temperature.
  • 18-inch tru-combi-steam oven (combining steam and convection). Convection cooks foods quickly, and steam helps lock in its appearance, texture, and taste.
  • 30-inch convection oven. ProHeat technology evenly distributes heat to every rack.

Think of the possibilities! Your next feast will be spectacular.

A Smart Range – and a Smart Move

Making your meals even easier to prepare, the Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range is a smart appliance. It is wi-fi enabled for SmartThinQ Control through your iPhone or Android. You can use certain features remotely. For example, if you’re running late and need to preheat the oven, you can do it from your office or as you wait in line at the store.

You can also utilize apps like Innit and Side Chef to help you plan menus, create grocery lists, and execute the steps of even the most complex recipes. It’s like having Gordon Ramsay there coaching you (but without the cursing!).

One more feature you’ll be sure to love: a 10-minute speed clean. Cleaning a lightly soiled oven has never been easier. It’s a quick process that uses only water – so you can say goodbye to those nasty chemical cleaners.

The Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide sets the bar incredibly high for kitchen appliances. And you’ll set the bar equally high when it comes to your dinner parties, family events, and weekday meals! With the Dual-Fuel Pro Range from Signature Kitchen Suite, you will love to entertain, and most certainly love where you live.

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by Katie Mientka


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