A Quick Guide on Selecting a Kitchen Cabinet Design

Q: What tips can you give me for choosing a design for my kitchen cabinets in my renovation?

A: The style you select for your new kitchen cabinets depends totally on you. That being said, we would love to advise you to help you come to the best decision! Here are a few key questions to think through to help you narrow your decision:


  •     What atmosphere do you want to create?
  •     What look are you going for?
  •     What flows and goes with the style of the rest of your home?

Match Décor around the Home


Antique, bone and linen white or off white cabinets can create everything from contemporary, traditional to modern. Kitchen cabinet styles are normally just a matter of taste. Please note that the kitchen cabinet door design does not necessarily have to dictate the overall theme for your kitchen cabinets. For long lasting appreciation of your new kitchen let your taste decide for you unless you are imitating or copying a specific cabinet style or theme of a favorite decorator. Try to focus on the quality of the construction of the cabinets you intend to use.


One of the following cabinet styles can be used basically in any kitchen theme. Ones’ home should be their getaway from the busy, hectic outside world.


Four Design Trends in Kitchen Cabinets


Here are four design trends that may help you better figure out how your personality, vision and décor can come together in new kitchen cabinets.

1. Eclectic Charm is fun with a mixture of all the things you love that just seem to go together. This is an individualized laid back approach that allows you to blend textures, tones, different eras and use of color and shape to bring it all together.

2. Restful Retreats creates peace from the chaos and presents a style that’s focused around comfort and relaxation. This style is the perfect retreat from a hurried world.

3. Worldly Grace Design The world at your doorstep best describes worldly grace design. This design draws inspiration from nations or places you carry in your heart and are seemingly drawn to the decor of the country. Italian, old world African, Asian and Latin influences are just a few inspirations you might like. Always in good and classy taste, these designs are more defined and tailored style that is timeless. 

4. Simple Element styles are clean and crisp with clean lines and less ornamentation. In other words, simple, sophisticated space with smart presentation, yet with a calm soothing effect.

Catch the Vision


A few more questions to think through: 

  • Does the kitchen seem too busy or crowded?
  • Does it seem too cramped or small?
  • Is there enough lighting that creates interest?

Obviously, you will want lighting for both day and night to accent the things you love best about your kitchen. Your kitchen features should make your kitchen bright and cheery.  


We hope that these tips have helped you think through your kitchen cabinet choices! For more advice, contact one of our representatives today! We look forward to helping you to identify and choose cabinetry styles, finishes and personalization to create a home just for you.




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