Q. I’m a fan of rustic/industrial style kitchens, but I am nervous to make the transition in my home.  What would you suggest doing to start moving in that style direction?


A. The rustic/industrial décor (typically seen in factories and warehouses) are now being used in people’s homes. Your kitchen is a great place to incorporate this industrial style! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Ceiling: It’s important to not get rid of the steel support beams in your home. Instead expose them. You can hang oversized lights or bulbs to draw attention to the metal beams. Then leave the duct system and aged floors as they are to allow lighting to reflect their natural charm.

Cost: If you have a clear plan, it is easy to save money while creating your rustic/industrial theme. An industrial kitchen will spare you the expenses of granite countertops, while allowing you to make use of polished concrete surfaces, resulting in a strong and shiny effect.

Furniture: Another popular trend in rustic homes is the use of recycled and repurposed furniture. You can look into stores that stock vintage or antique items. It is also possible to find pieces of furniture that might have rust or dent details, which can add to the authenticity of your overall theme. Another tip is to look into building repurposed furniture with some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Check out our Pinterest page for some of these ideas!

: Although rustic/industrial rooms can be very interesting to see,  it is really important to make sure this space is also comfortable. You can add warmth using rich wood tones, and natural textures to create softness against harsh brick and/or metal forms.

: Some unique quirks can be added by simply hanging road signs or antique style clocks. Then you can soften the overall look by incorporating plants into your design.


Seating: While metal seating works quite well and effectively in rustic homes, wood or leather chairs tend to add comfort and warmth. Mix-n-match to see what looks best for your home.


As you start to incorporate this theme into your home, send us your pictures! We’d love to see how your kitchen vision comes to life. If you need help picking out anything stop by our location or come to a (free) seminar. We are always here to help you turn your dream home into a reality.



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