Save Money and Time on Renovations

Q. I am beginning Project: Bathroom Remodel.  I know I will need professional help for the majority of the project, but what are some things I can do myself to help me save money and time on the project?

If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover, a little research will help you update few things right away. Below are the few steps to help you get started.

Make a list of things
: Take photographs of the bathroom areas that need to be updated. Make a list of things that are necessary in these improvements you want to make. While some items might require ‘freshening up’ with the use of paint, mirror or accessories, others might need to be changed completely. Small things can hugely impact the overall look of your bathroom. Also make sure that you set your priorities on what needs to be finished first.

Gather ideas
: Go through magazines, social sites like Houzz, Pinterest, and design stores (like our warehouse) to have a mental image of how you want your bathroom to look. Collect all the research into one place and compare them with the photographs you took of your bathroom – it will let you know what is really possible. 

Purchase items
: Depending on the photos you compared, purchase new items that are required. Items like towel bars, mirrors and linen baskets are one of the easy do-it-yourself projects. However, lighting and plumbing fixtures are difficult tasks that might require a professional. Coordinate towel bars around a newly purchased faucet and make sure it fits into your present vanity.

Remove items for replacement
: Remove the fixtures and other items that need to be replaced. While you are replacing the faucet, do not forget to turn off the water and if you are removing any lighting, disconnect the electricity supply. Clean the surfaces that need to be painted. 

Throw on a little paint
: Paint the walls! Painting the walls of your home (or bathroom) is a very common project that many people can handle themselves. If you don’t feel up to completing the whole room yet, start by painting an accent wall to add a splash of color behind the mirror or shower. Another simple way to add color and spice to the new room would be to put up a piece of artwork that compliments the décor. 

Add accessories
: Install the lighting fixtures and towel bars to avoid any extra labor cost.


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