Q: We are looking to update the kitchen on a budget? Where should we start?


Upgrading the cabinets in your kitchen can improve the looks of it dramatically.  If you are looking to do a full-scale kitchen renovation, but don’t feel you have either the financial resources or time to commit to it, consider starting by upgrading your cabinets.  You’ll be amazed and pleased what a difference new cabinets can make.


If you’ve decided to go for new kitchen cabinets, rest assured that there are many great options out there, and you don’t have to dive in alone! At ACo, we guide you through every step of the process.


1. New Configuration or New Cabinets? Consider how functional your current cabinets are and if you want a new configuration of cabinets, or simply to replace the ones you have.  Bear in mind that designers and remodelers are constantly coming up with space-conscious ways of creating cabinets that will turn your kitchen into a more efficient and inviting workspace.  Updated kitchens not only look gorgeous, they are the height of functionality also.


  • Do you need space for all those tall cereal boxes your kids love to eat?
  • Do you need a recycling bin?
  • Is there any room in your kitchen for a pantry?


Walk around your current kitchen and pull open the doors of all your cabinets.  Think about what works and what doesn’t, and how you can organize your space to make it more functional.


2. Run through the Options:  If you are going for new cabinets, your next step is to consider options. Your first choice is going to center around wood.


  • Do you want maple, oak or cherry?
  • How about birch or alder?
  • Or perhaps you want a clean, modern look for your cabinets, in which case you might want to look into glass-fronted cupboards.


Check out Showplace Wood to learn about the different wood options.


3. Decide Door Style/Shape: Next you’ll need to decide on a door shape for your cabinets.  Some of the options include:


  • Square doors
  • Arched doors
  • Doors with a recessed design
  • Doors with a raised panel
  • Slab doors


Check out Medallion Cabinetry for examples of available door styles.


4. Consider Your Finish: You’ll also want to choose a finish.  Various colors and glazes can be applied to whichever door you’ve chosen, creating an endless variety of looks for your cabinets.


Learn more about finishes at Showplace Wood.


As you can see there are many things to consider when updating your cabinetry, let ACo walk you through the ins and outs so you can make an informed decision and reach your goals/desires.


Contact us to learn more or visit our gallery to see other kitchens we have helped homeowners achieve.





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