Q: What are some of the hardware options I should think through for my kitchen and bathroom remodel? 


A: Kitchen and bath hardware requires careful selection in order to be in long-lasting use. 


Kitchen Sinks: One of the hardest working fixtures in your house is the sink. While shopping for kitchen sinks, you will want to find ones that are durable and easy to clean as well as pleasing to the eye.


Sinks are composed of a variety of materials and are available in a vast selection of colors and shades and textures and patterns with prices that can fit nearly anyone’s wallet. Choosing the appropriate faucet is also essential. It is worth scanning your options for sinks and faucets to ensure that they perfectly fit your lifestyle and design scheme. 


1. Kitchen Sink Materials: 


• Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is very practical (the heavier the gauge, the better).


• Enameled Cast Iron: Enameled cast iron is elegant, easy to clean and attainable in a variety of colors. 


• Quartz Composite: Quartz is one of the most durable selections. 


• Others: There are a variety of other materials to choose from, including old-fashioned soapstone or a newer style—concrete. 


2. Kitchen Sink Considerations: 


• Self-Rimming: Self-rimming sinks sit on the countertop. They are easy to install but can also collect dirt at the seams. 


• Under Mount: Under mount sinks attached to the underside of the counter will stay cleaner but are more difficult to seal. 


• Standard: Kitchen sinks generally come with a number of holes used for mounting faucets and sprayers; some come with predrilled holes for dispensing liquid soap, hot water and purified water.


Bathroom Sinks:


Bathroom sink selection has expanded along with the number and type of bathrooms in the average home. They range from tiny wall-hung versions for the smallest of powder rooms to elaborate dual-basin models for luxurious master baths. 


• Traditional: Traditional baths are made of enameled cast iron or vitreous china. 


• Contemporary: Contemporary styles often make a design statement or prefer durability and are therefore made with less sophisticated materials. 


• Deck-Mounted: Deck-mounted models, which can be set into or on top of a vanity or freestanding frame, allow for storage, unlike pedestal or wall-mounted sink styles. 


• Console: Console sinks offer an expanded deck space.




Faucets are one of the more important pieces in your kitchen and bathroom alike. You turn faucets on and off repeatedly, day after day for many years. Consider a choice that not only looks great but is also convenient and safe and will provide durable service. The right type depends on your sink. 


Before you buy a specific faucet, make sure that you know your sink countertop’s hold configuration unless drilling a hole into the countertop to suit the faucet is feasible. Kitchen sinks are usually designed for single-handle faucets (these are center sets where hot and cold are controlled by one lever or knob that’s often part of the spout).


Bathroom vanity and pedestal sinks are designed for widespread faucets (which separately mounted hot-and cold-water valves and spout), single-lever and center sets (single-handle or double-handle types). Single-control faucets are probably more convenient for both bathroom and kitchen. 


Let us know what bathroom and kitchen sink questions you have!



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