Q. Our bathroom is ready for a makeover! The main thing is that the shower is too small.  We have some room to expand it, but don’t know how.  What are some suggestions you have for expanding a shower?

A. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be limited to that old standard shower. If you have room to expand it and a little creative drive, you can do a lot with it.


·         Glass showers: Glass showers enclosures make the space feel brighter and room much bigger. Many luxury bathrooms have shower glass enclosures because they give a spa-like feel to the bath area. The best part about these elegant looking glass enclosures is that you can view the tile pattern, which is featured inside the shower. You can also customize the glass shower according to that extra room space in your bathroom and get creative with shower sizes, shapes and construction. Just make sure to install your glass shower with a ‘shower guard’ to avoid problem like mold, mildew, hard water stains or soap scum buildup.


·         Tile & Stone: The introduction of new and original tile work lets the homeowners use the shower area more luxuriously and conveniently. Tile showers add beauty to the bathrooms. You can customize the tile to any décor, shape, size or color and bring a depth and creativity to your bathroom.


·          Walk-in showers: Walk-in showers are in-style. Homeowners prefer the exhilarating experience of this stylish innovation over soaking in a bathtub. Framed or frameless, fully-enclosed or partially enclosed, these shower designs have become popular in modern bathrooms.


·         Steam Shower: Popularly known as steam bath, a steam shower is where you can sit and luxuriate in the fresh steam all around you. With the advancement in technology, spa bathrooms are not just restricted to few places; even homeowners can enjoy the comfort and pleasure of warmth water vapor in their homes.


·          Bench: Placing a bench within a shower stall is a great functional design idea. A bench can be used to place shower items or for people to rest who might find it difficult to stand for long periods of time. Shower stalls made of fiberglass, prefabricated plastic and porcelain often have built-in benches. However, in a tiled shower you will likely use a bench made of granite.












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