Showstopping Tile Design

Showstopping Tile Design

Tile is a perennially popular material for homes thanks to its durability, versatility of use, and ease of cleaning. From flooring to kitchen backsplashes, to shower surrounds tile can be found in any room of the home. Aesthetically, advances in tile manufacturing techniques have brought us a stunning variety of tile options. Meanwhile, interior designers are coming up with creative ways to use and display tile as a showstopping focal point throughout every room of the home.

Distinctive Finishes

Gone are the days when tile came in only a handful of mostly earth-toned shades. With today’s advanced manufacturing the sky is the limit when it comes to tile design. You can find tile in almost any shade from bright blues and misty aquas, to soft roses or deep jewel tones. You can find tile that mimics the look of wood or stone, tile with a high gloss or suede finish, highly decorative tile that looks hand painted, and even metallic accents for a bit of glamour.

Tile Size Matters

When it comes to choosing tile for a project, size is an important factor to consider. Large format tiles can overwhelm a room or create the illusion of space. Small mosaic tiles can look busy or become an eye-catching visual element. When selecting tile for your space, be sure to consider how it will look with not only the rest of your design but the room itself. Your ACo Design & Sales Consultant can help by offering design guidance and creating a rendering of your space.

Creating Patterns with Tile

How you arrange your tiles can make a world of difference in your design. Even basic tiles can be elevated by simply arranging them into a more interesting pattern.

When it comes to square tile, your options will typically be stacked, staggered, or arranged at a 45-degree angle. By arranging square tiles with a geometric design in alternating directions, you can completely change the pattern. For example, square tiles with a quarter circle design in the corner can be arranged to complete the circle, create a fan design, or even offset periodically for an unexpected twist.

Rectangular tiles are the most versatile shape when it comes to creating patterns with tile. They can be staggered for a traditional brick/subway look or stacked either vertically or horizontally for a more modern or contemporary look. A square herringbone compliments an Art Deco design with its geometric characteristics but turn it on a 45-degree angle and suddenly the tile pattern looks more elegant and sophisticated. Other tile patterns, like the square or diagonal basketweave, can even give a fun textural illusion to any floor or wall.

Next-Level Tile Shapes

Take your project to the next level of design by choosing tile with a more artistic shape. While the pattern itself is set, these tiles still come in a stunning array of options to complement any design. Unique tile shapes you may find in the ACo Showroom include:

  • Chevron
  • Diamond
  • Arabesque
  • Hexagon
  • Elongated Hexagon
  • Petal
  • Scallop

They can lend a modern edge to your project with a geometric tile or add an elegant European feel with a petal or scallop design. An interesting shape of tile really helps bring the wow factor.

See these showstopping tile options in person at the ACo Showroom. Connect with our design team to schedule a complimentary design consultation or stop by the showroom for a visit!



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