Sliding Doors for the Kitchen and Dining Room: Opening Your Home to the Outdoors

Sliding Doors for the Kitchen and Dining Room: Opening Your Home to the Outdoors

Midwest weather can be moody — but when it’s good, it’s very good! Even on those short, sharp winter days or endless, steamy summer ones, the outdoors holds undeniable beauty and appeal. There’s no reason to close yourself off to the views, the breezes, and the possibilities. Opting for elegant sliding doors allows you to open your kitchen and/or dining room to the outdoors. Enjoy the benefits… year-round, rain-or-shine.

The Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors for Your Kitchen and/or Dining Room

Many kitchens and dining areas have sliding doors that open onto a patio, deck, screened-in porch, or sunroom. These doors are a stunning feature in their own right, but they’re more than just a pretty face.

Read on for some additional benefits of sliding glass doors in your kitchen and/or dining room, as well as some pro tips for integrating them into your home.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency. Sliding your doors open on a refreshing spring, summer, or fall day can help increase airflow to your home. Switch off the AC and let the breeze work its wonders. You will also have more natural light (more on that in a moment), thereby reducing your electricity needs.

    Beyond this, today’s manufacturers offer high quality options with insulative properties, as well as coatings that reflect heat and UV rays. This helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  • Increased Natural Light. This is not only an efficiency-booster, but also a mood- and health-enhancer. Natural light is proven to increase vitamin D levels, improve sleep, fight against seasonal depression, support the immune system, and even help limit the amount of bacteria that grows in the home. Maximize the amount of light that enters your space — and feel the difference it makes in your wellbeing.

    You may also consider the best positioning for the doors: if you can, for example, south-facing is best in terms of how the doors will interact with sunlight. But rest assured, we can help you make it work no matter what.

Let there be light!

  • Space Savings. To state the obvious, sliding glass doors… slide. You don’t have to sacrifice space when it comes to operating them. This is, of course, a boon in a small kitchen or dining area; but even in a larger room, they enhance flow and create a streamlined look and feel.

    Explore your options: for example, 4-panel sliding doors feature two stationary panels with a panel on either side that overlaps. This is great for wide entryways. If you have a smaller space, pocket sliding doors disappear into a “pocket” when they are opened. They require less floor space while delivering the look and feel of an expansive entryway.

  • Seamless Views and Ultimate Convenience. Standard doors can create a sense of separation between the indoors and out. And, depending on the frame, this can also interfere with your views. In this ACo project, the expansive glass doors extend the indoors out; there are no impediments to the view.

    Likewise, there are no impediments when it comes to access. Imagine a family gathering, a meetup with the neighbors, or a dinner party with colleagues; you can move from space to space without interruption. Entertaining made easy — and elegant!

    Be sure to orient your indoor and outdoor furniture and features so that you can enhance movement from space to space.

Slide Outside

Thinking about sliding glass doors for your kitchen or dining room? If you want to open your home to the outdoors, we have ideas! Your ACo designers are here to help you explore options, make informed decisions, and, of course, love where you live. Contact us today to learn more about our worry-free process.


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