Spotlight on Cambria Stone: Countertops – and Beyond

Spotlight on Cambria Stone: Countertops – and Beyond

Tackling a major project, like a kitchen or bath upgrade, can seem daunting and intimidating, a journey that is a rollercoaster of emotions. But… ahh, that finished product! A joint National Association of the Remodeling Industry and National Association of REALTORS report revealed that homeowners who completed remodeling projects had a greater desire to be in their home, enjoyed their home more, and felt a sense of accomplishment. With an exceptional team and industry-leading projects on your side, the journey is just as rewarding and satisfying as the results.  

When it comes to countertops and surfaces, making the right choice for such a major component of your project can be extra intimidating. That’s why ACo is committed to educating homeowners, builders, and designers about their options and finding the optimal solutions for their needs through vendors like family-owned Cambria, who deliver stunning products that can transform your living space.  

Cambria: Quality, Variety, and Beauty 

Cambria stone is available in over 200 designs: light, dark, warm, cool, movement, no movement, jeweled, marble, terrazzo, and granite alternatives…. You never have to settle for “good enough” or “almost what I want.” And, while the options are exhaustive, selecting the right fit is not exhausting when you have design experts like ACo’s Mia Farrell on your side.  

Cambria recently introduced four new colors to their lineup: 

  • IVYBRIDGE. A crisp white background gives the dark teal diagonal veins of IVYBRIDGE a great sense of depth. There’s also a playful, touch of sparkleCountertops imparted by the fine gold shimmer. 
  • KENDAL. With KENDAL, you’ll enjoy a soft teal and white field with black veins. As with IVYBRIDGE, KENDAL offers depth – and a pop of dazzle – with prismatic crystals. As Cambria’s Jenn Couch says, “If someone’s looking for a little pizzazz as a subtle undertone, [KENDAL] is a great one!” 
  • RUXLEY. Cambria offers a softer, more restrained vibe with RUXLEY. It features a warm white background with subtle emerald veins and cooler white veins. 
  • BLACKBROOK. Stark, streamlined, and sleek, BLACKBROOK boasts a black field with bright white veins. Like lightning on a dark night, this is a powerful choice for modern, elegant decors. 

If you’ve lived in fear of adding color to your countertops and other surfaces, Cambria is here to reassure you: you can go bold! Their new colors pull deep shades that we are starting to see more in cabinetry. You can be adventurous. Or, if that’s not for you, they will look equally fantastic with subtle, neutral colors. In other words, it’s up to you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the design freedom and flexibility built into Cambria’s offerings.  

Why Stop at Countertops?  

Say that you love the look of your KENDAL or BLACKBROOK counters but hate the look (and hassle!) of grout. Or that you think IVYBROOK would be the ideal fit for the spa-like master bath you’re planning. Too bad you can’t use Cambria’s outstanding countertops in other applications. 

Says who!  

Cambria recently launched a new 6mm option. Ultra-thin and lightweight, the slim but mighty 6mm opens up a world of applications.  

The weight difference is significant: 3cm products weigh 15 pounds per square foot and 2cm products weigh 10 pounds per square foot. This keeps them from being viable options for weight-sensitive applications, like backsplashes or surrounds. The 1cm option cuts weight to 6 pounds per square foot, while the new 6mm pares it down to just 3 pounds. Now, when you are talking about an entire wall, for example, this makes all the difference in the world. 

Cambria’s 6mm and 1cm products are perfect for: 

  • Backsplashes 
  • Backlighting 
  • Thermoforming  
  • Wall cladding 

6mm options are available in ten designs currently, and 1cm are available in virtually every design Cambria carries. These thinner profile stones are no lightweights when it comes to benefits. You will enjoy exceptionally durable, nonabsorbent, easy-to-maintain surfaces for years to come.  

Imagine the possibilities and alternative ways you can use Cambria stone for an attention grabbing design.  Custom Stone

  • Use BLACKBROOK to create a stunning accent wall in your living room or a showstopping entryway.  
  • IVYBRIDGE makes a gorgeous backsplash for a modern kitchen.  
  • A fireplace surround is the epitome of elegance with KENDAL and makes a statement that your space is anything but boring.   
  • Establish a seamless look – and no grout lines – using RUXLEY from countertop to ceiling to create a warm, welcoming cottage core style kitchen.  

Dream It… Do It 

As Cambria’s Jenn Couch says, “If you can dream it, we can probably do it.” With not only a stunning array of designs but Custom Stonealso multiple thicknesses, you can be sure of finding the right product for your home remodeling project.  

Let’s start making your dream a reality. ACo strives to deliver a worry-free experience with guidance and support at every step. With outstanding industry partners like Cambria on your team, you will achieve your goals… and love where you live. 

To explore more of Cambria’s products, learn about the ACo process, and get excited about your results, contact ACo for a complimentary design consultation. 



Photos Courtesy of Cambria


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