Spotlight On Motor District: This Isn’t Your Typical Garage!

Spotlight On Motor District: This Isn’t Your Typical Garage!

Invest in your lifestyle.

Motor District is fast becoming the destination for Hamilton County’s automobile aficionados, motorcycle enthusiasts, and avid collectors of all and sundry. Private garage condominiums are more than storage space. They’re more than a nationwide trend. They’re a lifestyle.

Owners think of Motor District’s “car condos” as next-level garages. At ACo, we think of them as blank slates, ready to take your collection, community, and passion to that next-next-level. Plus… They’re just a super cool place to hang out and play.

Welcome to Motor District

Motor District is the Indianapolis area’s first “car condominium community,” a phenomenon that’s spreading all over the country. Sure, owners gain access to a safe, secure facility to store their collections, but they get so much more. This is just what founder Jay Farmer had in mind. Fifteen years ago, he decided to build a garage where he could house his cars and hang out. Then, he realized: “I found I was all by myself.”

Not one for the solitary life, he embraced the concept of garage communities. These spaces offer a unique chance to meld with others who share their passion. Exclusive events (including ones you decide to host!), organic meetups in expansive outdoor spaces, and casual run-ins with your condo neighbors transform “storage space” into “experience.”

The expansive 12-acre complex boasts 150 units and will soon feature retail space, a boutique car dealer, and other high-end amenities. Ranging from 1000-3000 square feet, with mezzanines that span about half of that, the garages have fresh drywall, concrete main level floors, plywood surfaces in the mezzanine ready for flooring, wooden stairs, and some basic plumbing and electrical. From there, owners have the freedom to design it to their specific needs and preferences.


Love Where You… Play

Motor District private garages can be used as an urban cabin, second office, or a spot to hang out with friends and family – as well as with your cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and other “toys.” But how do owners get from blank slate to luxe in-town retreat?

ACo Design & Sales Consultant Carlie Suski says, “When people buy a garage, it’s an unfinished box, so to speak.” She became aware that owners were struggling with the next steps when she went to Motor District to help a former client with space planning and design.

“Anytime I would go out there, there’d be a small group of people following me! I started to realize that these people just needed help. They didn’t know what to do. ACo and I stepped in to provide more direction and a one-stop-shop that will take them all the way from design through construction.”

Fresh Spaces, Familiar Process

ACo provides a complete turnkey solution to folks looking to turn their “unfinished box” into the next-level garage of their dreams. One of the challenges (and what makes the process so overwhelming for owners): “It’s a lot of details. Just the sheer number of selections that have to be made can be overwhelming. Every sink, every faucet, every piece of hardware, flooring, paint color… Everything. It’s like you’re building a little house.”

The design process, explains Carlie, is very similar to that used when planning a kitchen or bath remodel. It’s the ACo Way, “just on a bigger scale.” The veteran designer starts by diving into what the owner wants from their space and how they plan to utilize it.

“Once I understand all the functions that need to happen, I can start space planning. At the first meeting with [the client], after I’ve taken measurements, I’ll sit down with them with three or four different rough sketch layouts and see what appeals to them.”

Once the design leaves Carlie’s capable hands, the project is assigned to an ACo Project Manager, who builds a schedule out, makes sure materials are ordered and delivered for each phase, and works hand-in-hand with in-house employees and trusted subcontractors to take clients through to completion.


A Learning Experience

While private garages are a bit different from ACo’s usual projects, the team and Carlie are more than up to the challenge. “It allows me to create a space from a holistic standpoint, where most of the time I’m handling one room at time,” she says.

“Another part that I love is the efficiency that ACo is gaining,” Carlie adds. “These are big projects, and you learn a lot as you go through them. The amount of knowledge we’ve gained from the

first one to where we are now has been vast.” Operating as a well-oiled machine enables the ACo team to deliver on client expectations so they can start enjoying their space and their community.

ACo empowers people to love where they live. “Or in this case,” Carlie quips, “love where they play.”

Interested in making an investment in your lifestyle? Visit motor-district.com/ to learn more. And, if you’ve purchased a private garage, you don’t have to follow Carlie around the condo community for help! Just get in touch with ACo, and we’ll take it from there with a full-service design and installation solution you can trust.


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