Q: My bathroom’s small, but I know it has potential. Any ideas on helping it make that great impression?

A: The size of your bathroom never needs to be a reason why you can’t have a great bathroom. We have some great tips to offer that will make going for the bathroom renovation an easy decision.

Focus on Flexibility

The first thing you have to commit to is that while you might not have a ton of space, that space can be reconfigured in many ways…as long as you’re flexible about where things will end up. And that doesn’t apply only to your key “fixtures,” but also (and especially) to your organization space.

Consider Color and Texture

One of the themes we see again and again is the use of color and how much of an impact it has on creating an illusion of space, or how it can completely take your mind off the small space you have and instead direct attention to other aspects of the bathroom. For example, in our featured bathroom, the use of faux brick behind the vanity and toilet create a fantastic industrial feel. You probably didn’t even think about how small the space is!

Consider the color choices for walls, decor and floors.

As a rule of thumb, lighter colors and transparent materials visually extend area, while darker colors diminish it. You probably want to steer away from using very dark or extremely bright tones as well in a smaller bathroom.

Mirror Mirror!

Don’t miss the great benefit of using mirrors to enlarge your space. Before you settle on the final placement of your mirror, make sure to view your bathroom from all angles (door open and shut, shower view, etc) to see what the impact of your mirror placement will be.

Don’t feel like you have to stick with the traditional choices either! While it might be easier to use a standard mirror, be creative. Work with a vendor who can help you select the style that will fit your taste and your bathroom design.

We hope these ideas inspire your creativity and excitement when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Let ACo partner with you in your next project!

If you’re curious to see some of the recent bathrooms we have done, check out our project gallery. We look forward to talking to you soon!





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