Taking Your Kitchen from Status Quo to Classy

Q: What are some considerations I should think through in choosing a backsplash for my kitchen



A: A well-designed backsplash will draw your guest’s eye quicker than many other accent or decorative features in your kitchen. The number of designs and possibilities are numerous, but some of the most popular include travertine, slate, granite, glass and tumbled stone. You can also create a border around your backsplash by accenting with wood, metal and other materials. Other traditional types include tile and stainless steel.




The backsplash is a great place to let your imagination and innovation connect! Here are some consideration to think through as you choose your backsplash.




Permanent or Temporary: Most kitchen backsplashes are relatively permanent, being adhered to the wall in some way. But if you know you might change your mind and don’t want to stare at the same tile design for the next 20 years, think about something less permanent. Sheet-style backsplashes and the picture-frame backsplash products are more easily removed than a glued-and-grouted tile backsplash.


Going with A Timeless Design: Backsplash designs might become dated depending on the style, so think carefully through your design options. If you’re really into that vineyard scene and know you’ll still love it years down the road, go for it. Then again, that flamingo colored border might not be in vogue 5 years from now.


Clean-ability And Maintenance: Choose a backsplash material and/or design that won’t be too much of a burden for you to keep clean. You may be a very clean cook and your backsplash may never see a spec of dirt. On the other hand, if your kitchen looks like a tornado zone after prepping for a dinner party, you will want to consider options that are easy for you to clean.











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