Bill Cundiff
Bill Cundiff
Project Manager

As a client, you won’t see much of Bill during the design phase of your project. But when it comes to installation, as a project manager he makes sure the plan and vision for your space is well-executed and becomes a reality. He works closely with each homeowner or builder to ensure they are happy during the installation process and beyond.

In a past life, Bill worked as a carpenter building boats, cabinets, and handcrafted furniture. And although he misses making things all day, he enjoys being part of a team that sincerely wants the best outcomes for our customers.

When he escapes the fast paced environment of managing projects at A\Co, Bill still enjoys woodworking and building cool things in his free time. In a small town just northeast of Indianapolis, where he lives with his wife, son, and their four undeserving cats, Bill is probably plotting his next creation.