Michael Oltman
Michael Oltman
Field Crew

Michael Oltman, a dedicated Field Crew member and skilled carpenter at ACo, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role. Hailing from Wilkinson, Indiana, Michael’s journey into woodworking began in his youth, learning the craft from his grandfather. After graduating from school in Eastern Hancock, he pursued a career in construction, driven by his love for building things. He relocated to the Indianapolis area for better opportunities, which eventually brought Michael to join ACo, where his expertise in installing and repairing cabinetry and trimwork has made him an invaluable team member. He thrives in ACo’s collaborative and supportive environment, which he describes as a place where everyone works together seamlessly.

Beyond his professional life, Michael is a devoted family man, married with three children and one dog. He treasures spending quality time with his loved ones and enjoys the camaraderie of hanging out with friends and family. An avid outdoorsman, Michael’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and camping, activities that allow him to connect with nature and unwind from the demands of work. His commitment to his craft and his enjoyment of life outside of work make him a well-rounded and respected member of the ACo team.