Three Budget Renovations that Deliver the Look of Lux


Q: Do I always have to spend a lot of money to get a luxurious look?


A. Affordable luxury is our mission! No matter what you’re looking for, ACo works within your budget to deliver results you will love! Getting the look and feel of luxury may be simpler than you think.


Here are three ways to add luxury to your home without blowing your budget.


1. Enlarge


Expanding a room can instantly add a feel of luxury, whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or even your kitchen. Space gives the feeling of grandeur, when your eye has room to rest and all items have a place without being cramped or cluttered. Sometimes all you need is a little extra square footage to feel like a king in your castle.


2. Add pizzazz


It’s amazing how changing just one or two things in a room can alter the entire feel of the space. Here are some examples:


  • A new countertop in the bathroom or new fixtures in the kitchen can instantly spice up the room.
  • Change the mood of the space with a new coat of paint.
  • Add new lighting or new accessories.
  • Bring in textile luxury with new bathroom towels.


You won’t believe how much of an impact such small changes can make!


3. New Floors


Of all the surfaces in your space, flooring takes the hardest hit. Over years of use, carpets can stain, fade and bear marks of high traffic. Wood floors can scratch, tiles can chip and grout can become dull and dirty. While it may not seem like much, sprucing up your flooring can instantly add missing luxury to your room. Whether you choose to have the floors re-finished, replaced, or changed altogether, you can bring in the opulence through your flooring.


Let the experts at ACo show you how you can bring luxury to your home on any budget!


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