Q. I love having carpet in my home; it keeps my feet warm in the winter! Currently, I have only one type of carpet throughout my house and the carpet is really old.  I want to stay with carpet, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on having multiple types of carpet throughout my house? Is this a no?


A. Carpet is a wonderful flooring alternative to hardwood and laminate. Thanks to the new developments, carpets have become easier to clean and maintain. Apart from providing warmth during winters, it also improves indoor air quality and is an economical flooring choice. Like any other flooring, carpeting your house also requires evaluations of your lifestyle.


Depending on your needs and preferences, multiple carpeting can be used throughout your home. In order to pick the best carpet flooring for each room, here are a few considerations to help you make a selection.


Location: For your dining room, you can select something pliable like a cut pile carpet, while a formal living room may demand something more elegant and luxurious.


Fiber: The fiber of a carpet plays a major role in affecting the performance. Wool carpet is considered a good option to provide warmth however; it can be quite expensive, whereas nylon carpet can be its cheaper alternative.


Style: Generally, there are two types of carpet flooring for your home, loop pile and cut pile. Each room requires different styles depending on the décor and foot traffic.


Construction: Carpet can be constructed in various ways with characteristics like twists per inch, tuft density and pile weight. The price, performance and appearance vary for each type of carpet construction.


Color: To create a soothing effect in a particular room, a darker shade or color carpet is recommended. Darker carpets dim the environment by absorbing light, creating a calming effect. If your goal is to make a room appear bigger and more spacious, lighter shades or white colored carpet should be utilized. However, lighter carpets are more prone to visible stains and should be avoided in high trafficking rooms.


Once you’ve decided on your carpet choice for each room. Take a small piece of your desired carpet and match it with a specific room to see how it looks. Like furniture, carpet should also match the entire ambiance of a particular room and blend with the overall theme of your home.



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