Transform Your Stairs with StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlays

Transform Your Stairs with StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlays

Because of its versatile style, natural feeling and durable structure, hardwood has remained a trendy building material for stair structures. While they are very beautiful, solid wood staircases can come with a hefty price tag that can be a deterrent to some homeowners. But now, there’s a new product on the market that can give you the look of hardwood stairs at a fraction of the cost.

The StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlay System is a solid hardwood overlay designed to fit over an existing wood stair tread. The overlay is made from 100% hardwood material, which makes it more durable than similar products made from plywood mixtures. The installation consists of a basic, two-step process where a new tread and riser are crafted to fit over the existing structures. This means there is no need to tear out or modify the existing pieces. For homeowners who are wary of beginning a remodel project that requires demolition, this factor is a major bonus. The StareCasing™ product can also be modified to accommodate landings, spiral, pie shaped and open-ended stairway designs. Additionally, the entire product is takes only about 6-8 hours for a trained professional to install. The end result is a solid wood overlay that instantly transforms the look of your stairway.

StareCasing™ can be placed on any closed-end wood stair tread, even those that have been rendered unsalvageable. And the tread and riser pieces both come with a 30-year warranty.

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