Trend Alert! Cane and Reeded Cabinet Doors

Trend Alert! Cane and Reeded Cabinet Doors

If you’ve been scouring Pinterest, flipping through Better Homes and Gardens, or binge-watching home improvement shows, you know there is a new trend in town: cane and reeded cabinet doors. These eye-catching slightly retro options are generating a lot of interest among homeowners.

What are they? And how can you use them as part of an integrated — elegant — kitchen or bathroom design?

What Are Reeded and Cane Cabinet Doors?

Recently, reeded cabinet doors have been making themselves quite at home in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. They have a textural, ribbed appearance that adds dimension and interest to your space, making them the perfect accompaniment to styles that run the gamut from contemporary to farmhouse to rustic.

Now, what about cane or rattan cabinet doors? These, too, have a distinctly textural quality. They are often created by adding a stained cane insert into a more traditional Shaker style door. Often done in lighter shades, they can be stained to match wood cabinets or make a striking accent against a black painted cabinet.

Using Reeded or Cane Cabinet Doors in Your Design

Reeded cabinet doors and cane inserts are becoming particularly popular as a way to add visual interest as part of a Scandinavian style design. They are a great way to add a little retro flair but still keep things modern and fresh. How do you put your look together, using reeded cabinet doors or cane versions to infuse your home with style, sophistication, and unique appeal?

Be Selective

When you love a look, it’s easy to go overboard! But choosing to integrate the style in a few select areas can make a much more powerful statement. For example, you could give your upper cabinets the reeded treatment, contrasting their texture with simple flat-panel or slab doors. Add in gleaming white counters and backsplash, and you have a sophisticated chic design that is not overdone.

Alternatively, you can use cane or reeding on just a few doors. If you have an island, for instance, adding and insert to the cabinet doors can create beautiful contrast. In the bathroom, a cane vanity makes for a fantastic focal point against smooth walls, flat panels or open shelves, and a streamlined countertop.

Think In Bold Contrasts

A black-and-white color scheme offers a dramatic take on this trend. One route to consider: use saturated black reeded doors on your lower cabinets and/or island. Island top, countertops, and upper shelves are all white with flat panels. It’s a fun take on the tuxedo style kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

A pop of color may be just what you need for a space that is you. Green is a great choice as it pairs well with neutrals and metal finishes (e.g. bronze and brass), but really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to shades and hues that inspire you. Paint your reeded doors in a color that is easy to coordinate with other elements in the room, or stick with cane inserts in cabinets painted in a shade that complements the stain.

Extend the Look with Accessories

Cane and reeded looks extend beyond the cabinets. You can find a wide variety of accessories to help you tie your look together, from lamps to end tables to cane chairs and sofas. Even an item as simple as a vase that features a reeded-type style, brings a sense of cohesion to the space.

If you don’t want to overdo the reeding, echo the color instead of the texture. With a strategic approach, your kitchen or bathroom will be Pinterest-worthy!

Love Where You Live

Reeded cabinet doors and cane door inserts offer an exciting shake-up to the previously Shaker-dominated world of cabinetry! If you are interested in exploring the style and how it would work in your home, contact the ACo team. Our experienced design professionals will help you decide if this enduring trend is for you — and how you can most effectively integrate it into your home.


Photos by Dave Pluimer


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