Large Format Thin Porcelain Tile, Our Trend Alert

Large Format Thin Porcelain Tile, Our Trend Alert

A hot —  and, we suspect, very enduring — trend among discerning homeowners is large format thin porcelain tile. They offer an exciting array of benefits and can help you achieve the look and performance you want.

What Are Large Format Thin Porcelain Tiles?

Standard porcelain tiles are typically 12×12 inches for floors and 8×10 inches for walls. Get ready to meet the large format tile that exceed 12×12, with 18×36 being an especially popular choice. But even 5×10 feet is possible!

But won’t the tiles be too heavy to be feasible in home applications, especially vertical installations — to say nothing of heaving them from point A to point B? This is strength training unlike anything they offer at your gym!

Thanks to advances in materials and technology, the beauty of these porcelain tiles is that they are ultra-light weight and just about a quarter inch thick. Don’t let this fool you, though. They offer tremendous durability and strength.

large format thin porcelain tile

What are the Benefits of These Large Porcelain Tiles for Your Home?

First, you can use thin large format porcelain tile for… well, a lot! That gorgeous backsplash in your kitchen, the eye-catching shower, the fireplace that makes your guests say, “Ohhh, wow.”

Digital printing technology allows you to choose tiles that mimic closely the look of wood, metal, concrete, and natural stone. Again, because they are so light, they are a feasible option for any number of applications where real wood, concrete, and stone would just not make sense.

These tiles can also mimic the look of fabric without the danger of molding and other water- and humidity-related damage.

  • Less Grout. You know what this means: less cleaning! Because of the profile of large format porcelain tiles, there are much fewer grout lines to scrub and scour. Win! Aesthetically, though, this also creates a much more clean, smooth look without visual disruption. You can even tile an entire wall with minimal grout lines to disrupt your style.
  • More Hygienic. With fewer grout lines and scratch-resistant properties, these large-scale tiles for your home are remarkably hygienic. They keep bacteria, mold, and mildew from getting into the little crevices many other surfaces have.

Besides keeping your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas cleaner and more sanitary, these qualities will also keep your tile looking great for years to come.

large porcelain tile


  • Solid Design. Despite their slim profiles, these tiles are resistant to spills, scratches, and other common household dangers. Cleaning up is easy as pie — even the blueberry pie you spilled on your tiled kitchen floor! Again, it’ll look great much longer than many other surface materials.
  • Hidden Elements. You can achieve a streamlined look that “hides” doors, cabinets, and other elements in your home. For example, you can disguise a closet door in your bathroom to create an uninterrupted aesthetic.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use. Did you know you can use porcelain tiles outside? Yes! They are impervious to water and frost, making them a perfect addition to your deck, patio, poolside (yes, it’s slip resistant too), or other outdoor living spaces.

Does this have you dreaming of that perfect backsplash, bathroom, kitchen, or poolside oasis? Large format thin porcelain tiles are an exceptional way to get the durability, quality, versatility, and style you want in a beautiful, lightweight package. Contact ACo to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our designers to learn more about large-scale thin tile.



by Katie Mientka

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