TREND ALERT! The Latest & Greatest in Backsplash Design

TREND ALERT! The Latest & Greatest in Backsplash Design

Once used for the functional purpose of protecting walls from every day cooking messes, the backsplash area of a kitchen is now prime real estate for adding a bit of personality to the room.

Classic white subway tile isn’t going anywhere, because well…it’s classic. However, recent trends show homeowners nowadays aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side when it comes to designing backsplashes. Bright and bold patterns, textures, and shapes are popping up in kitchens everywhere. Amy Sklar of Sklar Design located in Los Angeles, California told Elle Decor, “Simple, monochromatic kitchens have had a good long run, so we will be gravitating toward making a little more impact in their {our clients} kitchens, whether it’s with bolder color choices or graphic tiles. Either way, we predict we will be seeing more pop and punch in kitchens.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Unique shapes and bright colors pack quite the proverbial punch in several recent kitchen backsplash designs we have seen. Backsplashes are now a key design element in a kitchen and are used to help enhance the overall feel of the space. If you want to keep your kitchen feeling upscale and traditional, consider an arabesque shape. Want something more playful? Try a scalloped design, penny rounds, or hexagonal shapes. And as far as colors are concerned, trends suggest blues, blacks, and hunter greens are popping up everywhere.

Looking for something even more dramatic? Moroccan encaustic tiles are all the rage and we can certainly see why. Typically, in an 8”x8” size, these tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns and are placed together to create a fun and eye-catching focal point to the kitchen. They are simply showstoppers.

That said, if these bold shapes and patterns are a little much for you, but you’re still looking for a fresh update, then keep with the simple white subway tile. However, consider playing around with the grout color, orientation, tile size, or texture. Gray, charcoal and even black grout has become increasingly popular. It creates a bit of interest to a neutral backdrop and allows the tile and the brick pattern to visually add texture to the room.

Adjusting the orientation of the way the tiles are installed is another way designers create visual interest. Stacked subway tile makes for a more contemporary design and running them vertically on the wall often gives the illusion of taller ceilings. If you’re looking for something with a bit more designer flair, try a herringbone pattern.

Large format subway tile, like 4”x8”, 3”x12” and even 4”x16” are gaining popularity as well. Designers suggest larger format tile can make the space feel bigger. And beveled subway tile is an easy way to add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise basic splash. But if basic is your thing, then subtly spice it up with a matte finish.

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by Amanda Wagoner


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