Trend Alert: Top 5 Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Trend Alert: Top 5 Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Looking to update your kitchen, but unsure of where to start? If you’re like most of our clients, you are probably sick of staring at your tired, 20-year old, builder-grade, stained oak cabinets and wishing for something better, something refreshing and current. Are you worried about picking cabinetry that’s going to leave you sitting in the same spot 20 years from now thinking, your cabinetry is dated, yet again? No need to stress – below are 5 of the latest trends in cabinet design that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  1. Keep It Neutral

Yes, white kitchens are EVERYWHERE, and yes, we’ve been designing them for years, but guess what? – everybody still loves them! There’s something to be saidabout the clean and classic look white cabinets can give a room. The neutral white color allows for a blank canvas in a kitchen, letting other features of the space like countertops or backsplash tile, become the focal point of the room.

If white is a little stark for your tastes, feel free to add a little warmth with gray, brown, taupe, & cream tones. According to experts at the famously known blogging website FlooringInc. “Gray is a great alternative for those who want a neutral color but aren’t a fan with the sometimes clinical feel of entirely white kitchens.” As long as you stay in the neutral tones, you should be good. They are all trending right now.

  1. Less is More

The days of ornate details and moldings are over. Homeowners are ditching the decorations and keeping things simple and minimal. The mid-century modern slab cabinet door style is making a comeback and for all the right reasons. It’s clean and crisp and allows for uninterrupted flow between cabinets. It can be stained, painted, or textured with a horizontal or vertical wood grain and is seen in both high gloss and matte finishes.

If a slab door style is a little too simple for you, select a shaker style door. The “picture frame” stiles and rails add a little bit of depth to the cabinets, but the flat center panel keeps with the minimalistic and contemporary theme that is trending nowadays.

  1. The Two-Toned Touch

Okay, yes, we did just tell you to keep it simple and keep things basic, but it is okay to have a little bit of fun with color on your cabinetry too. Mixing cabinet colors can add interest to a space. Consider a stained island with white perimeter cabinets or maybe light upper wall cabinets with darker lower base cabinets. Two-toned cabinetry makes a space lively and dynamic without being too over-the-top and dramatic.

Looking to be totally trendy? Homeowner’s are loving dark, bold colors like black and navy blue. We’ve seen them both as accents in a room or the main feature. WARNING: This trend may not last forever, but they sure do look beautiful in our eyes right now.

  1. Add Some Interest

Again, yes – we are talking about adding to a basic design, but it works well in small doses. Maybe you want to take our advice by selecting white shaker cabinets, but you are looking to add a personal touch to keep your kitchen from looking like every other white kitchen – think about adding a few glass doors with whimsical or sophisticated mullions (depending on your overall design of the space). Or if you’re looking for something a bit more industrial, add some aluminum framed doors with decorative resin panels. They will add a bit of texture to the room. Floating shelves are popping up everywhere too. Not only are they functional, they offer a good spot to decorate and are convenient in terms of accessible storage.

Speaking of storage…

  1. Function, Function, Function

We are all guilty of buying fun kitchen gadgets, and cute coffee mugs. And how many of you have more pots and pans than you know what to do with? We try to pack more and more stuff in our cabinets, only to create a cluttered mess and a spot where you can’t find anything. Good news – innovate storage accessories like roll out drawers, spice racks, tray and utensil dividers, potholders, & waste basket pull outs are now considered necessities and are typically standards when it comes to designing kitchens at ACo. (FYI, kitchen remodels are a great time to purge!) Incorporating more drawers is popular as well. They allow for easy reach accessibility and compartmental organization and visually look great in a kitchen too.

So, whether you select one of these latest trends or all of them, you are sure to love where you live for decades to come. Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert kitchen designers today!



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