Trending Kitchen Colors

Q. Are there any popular kitchen colors trending right now?


When looking to transform your kitchen, it’s a good idea to start by looking at the latest trends, especially when it comes to choosing a color palette. Since your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, more vibrant and energetic colors are currently finding their place on the kitchen walls. Regardless of the theme, designers are introducing very bright colors and sleek metals into the kitchen. Natural tones are also in trend, particularly for eco-friendly designs like brown, cream, tan and white.


·      Appliances: Stainless steel has always been a popular finish for kitchen appliances, from stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators, which will give a clean and sleek look to the kitchen. In order to make a statement in the kitchen, people often use either bold or dark colors on other surfaces. In general, stainless steel is a timeless & sleek choice for just about any space.


·      Cabinets: To add a classy and elegant look to the kitchen, try using mahogany or dark wood finishes on your kitchen cabinets. Apart from modernizing the kitchen, this trend complements most wall and flooring colors. Another color that is incredibly popular right now in the cabinet world is grey. Grey cabinets provide more color and depth than going with all white, while still being somewhat neutral.


·      Metals and hardware: In the nineties, many homes that were built had brass hardware in every room. These days, we see many people removing these and opting for a satin nickel, polished chrome, or oil rubbed bronze. These colors add warmth to the overall look of the kitchen and are a timeless touch.


·      Paint: Bright colors such as blue, red, deep gold, orange and dusty shades of green add impact to the kitchen. Since most kitchens have less wall space, the bold colors make a nice statement without overpowering the space. If you don’t want a brighter paint color, you can instead add other pops of color through placemats, chair cushions and hand towels.


·      Flooring: Kitchen flooring with natural finishes of limestone, wood, granite and bamboo are trending for being environmentally friendly and complementing the majority of decorating styles and colors.


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