Q: We would like to replace the old laminate flooring in our kitchen with tile. What are some trends in tile for kitchens?


A: Many homeowners are choosing to explore tile floors once they’ve discovered its many benefits. Tile is long lasting, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. But best of all, you can give a room a completely new look and feel because tile is available in a number of different colors, shapes and sizes. Here are a few innovative and trendy tile designs that could add an exciting touch to your kitchen.


  • Rectangular tiles: Square has always been the standard shape for tile, which is why some designers are thinking outside the box (literally) and creating rectangular designs. The oblong shape of the tile can actually make your kitchen look wider than it really is.
  • Mosaic tiles: Mosaic tile designs date back to the Roman Empire. These designs are crafted from small tiles that come together to create a single, cohesive design. The most popular mosaic tiles feature subtle tones, but brightly colored options are available as well. You could also choose to put a creative twist on mosaic tiles by choosing to use a colored grout. Just remember, mosaic tiles can be difficult to keep clean because dirt can become lodged in the grout.
  • Large-scale tiles: On the opposite side from mosaic tiles are large-scale tiles. As the name suggests, these tiles are available in big sizes. If you have a wide area to work with, large tiles can bring a modern touch to your flooring. In addition to flooring, some designers have used large-scale tiles for kitchen backsplashes. This type of flooring is easier to keep clean because the large size of the tile minimizes the hard-to-clean grout lines.
  • Borders: Instead choosing a solid tile color, consider accenting your floor with a tile border. Borders can either be created from a pattern, or from a different cut or orientation of the same tile. It’s an eye-catching look and can add some exciting visuals to your kitchen.


Tile is a very versatile flooring technique that can lend itself to some beautiful designs. I’m sure that you can find an excellent replacement for your old laminate. Happy grouting!