Our Response to COVID-19: ACo Health & Sanitation Policy
Our Response to COVID-19: ACo Health & Sanitation Policy

True Value with Stock Cabinets

True Value with Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are the most basic and budget friendly option when shopping for cabinetry.

Not only are they affordable, they are the perfect fit for clients who are easily overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions. With only a handful of door styles, wood species, & finishes to choose from, many of the decisions have already been made for the consumer. This simplifies the selection process and can oftentimes make the design process easier and less stressful.

Typically mass-produced in a factory and manufactured in pre-selected sizes and configurations, the lead times on these cabinets are unmatched. They are constructed of cost-effective materials like particle board and veneer, making stock cabinetry a very affordable option. Designs and finishes are easily kept up-to-date by the manufacturer with the latest styles and trends.

While stock cabinets are typically considered standard and rather basic, at ACo you are still able to add cabinet accessories like waste basket pull outs, tray dividers, utensil dividers, & roll outs. As well, you can upgrade certain features like full extension and soft close drawers or add decorative trims such as crown molding and furniture base. These customized elements give your home a more personalized feel to better suit you and your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Below is a quick overview of some of the key features of stock cabinets:

  • Economical
  • Quick lead times
  • Preset sizes & configurations
  • Select number of door styles, finishes, & wood species
  • Limited selection of modifications & upgrades
  • Constructed of budget friendly engineered materials

ACo carries stock cabinet lines from two select vendors, Quality Cabinets and Merillat Cabinetry. To learn more about your cabinetry options, check out our handy guide to cabinets or schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation with one of our educated designers.

stock cabinetsQuality Cabinets

QualityCabinets™ offers several depths of wall, base and vanity cabinets – all in a wide variety of sizes, wood species, door styles and color combinations (more than 500, in fact) and all at an incredible value for the money. Their optional upgrades and decorative accessories allow you to “customize” a room to reflect your personal style – and achieve beauty and function your way.
The Quality Story is one of experience. When you’ve been building cabinets as long as they have, you learn it doesn’t pay to cut corners. So, they do it right– with solid kiln-dried hardwood face frames that give strength, squareness and rigidity to every cabinet they make.


stock cabinetsMerillat Cabinetry

Merillat Cabinetry is not just cabinets. First and foremost, it’s people. The people who create. The people who design. The people who have it in their homes.
Based in Michigan, and part of Masco Cabinetry, Merillat has been providing quality cabinetry since 1946. With manufacturing plants located throughout the United States, Merillat has grown to become one of the nation’s largest cabinet manufacturers. Merillat offers the best selection of stylish, quality products at a variety of price levels.



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