Unique Storage Solutions to Include with Your Kitchen Reno

Q: We want the best kitchen cabinets we can get for our renovation this spring, but we want to make sure we get good storage options too. Any ideas on achieving both?

A: It is 100 percent possible to achieve the best of storage and design when it comes to selecting your kitchen cabinets.

When you’re getting ready for a spring renovation there are so many interesting possibilities to explore that you might feel overwhelmed! Getting your design organized, though can be simple if you begin with a focal point—for example, cabinets.

We’ve scoured the options and found 8 great, unique ideas to start that you may find inspiring for storing all your kitchen odds and ends

  1. Behind the Cabinet Door: When you walk into the kitchen, the last thing you want to be greeted with is clutter. Yet, so many of the tools we use on a daily basis, like cutting boards and cookie sheets end up stacked along the wall or in a pile. They not only can look tacky but worse, they interrupt the flow of what might otherwise be a great working space! One idea is to utilize a Behind the Cabinet Door solution such as the one linked and conserve your countertops for working and make your cabinet doors do two jobs!
  2. Hidden Canned Goods Rack: If you are tired of stuffing all your canned goods in the pantry, lining them up in rows in your cabinets or simply tired of watching them go to waste from simply forgetting they exist, one idea is to have a hidden canned goods rack added to your renovation.
  3. Deep Drawer Dividers: Another idea we came upon for maximizing your storage space is adding something as simple as a deep drawer divider to your cabinets with more storage space to work with. There is nothing more frustrating that having a great space, but not being able to optimize it. Adding dividers will make it easier to compartmentalize items.
  4. Kitchen Cookware Gliders: Here is a cool idea to ensure your pots and pans stop peeking out of cabinets! Work with your contractor to ensure the cabinets you’ve selected have the optimal space to install kitchen cookware gliders, and you’ll have a smooth, easy-to-access and manageable storage solution ready to go!
  5. Swing Out from Cabinet Shelves: Homeowners we’ve worked with have so many creative ideas when it comes to repurposing space in the kitchen. One interesting space saver we came upon was the swing out from cabinet shelves. Easy to manipulate and very tidy looking, you can join your pantry in sighing with relieve when you’ve got more choices for where to put your canned goods and other items that clutter up your closets.
  6. Wine Racks: While it’s not a brand new idea, one great way to optimize your storage space is to pull some of the classy items (like wine, for example) and display it as part of your kitchen décor. Whether you decide to mount it to your cabinets (like our featured pic) or to your walls, you’ll be sure to save yourself space while making a statement.
  7. Spice Jar Storage: The number of contraptions and devices that your kitchen hardware manufacturers have developed is truly enormous. Units that spin, units that hang from your cabinets, and others that glide. The truth is, however, you may have more jars than spots in your hardware or you may simply be tired of looking at your spices on open display in your kitchen. Storing spices can be simplified by having that extra space between your pantry and your refrigerator converted into a hidden cabinet that glides easily and holds all your household spices.
  8. Awesome Cabinets: When it comes down to it, you can make a bunch of alterations to the cabinet you have installed in your new kitchen, but if you start with great cabinets, you probably won’t have to do much else! At ACo, we do everything to ensure the product you choose matches the design, vision and needs that your home and family have.

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