Using Pinterest When Decorating or Remodeling

Using Pinterest When Decorating or Remodeling

We’ve lived in our home for four years, and I recently decided our living room could use an update. I logged into Pinterest, planning to find ideas for a fresh paint color or maybe new throw pillows or a rug. Two hours later, my head was spinning as I closed my laptop. I had 68 new pins and a case of inspiration overload.

Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Houzz, we have more access to ideas than ever before. That sounds great in theory, but if you spend enough hours browsing, you may lose sight of what you actually need or want for your home. Too much inspiration can actually be paralyzing and stop you from making any changes at all.

So how can we figure out what will really work for our home? Here are a few tips I learned from my latest Pinterest binge.

First, keep focused by creating specific boards for different rooms or areas. A board for “home ideas” can quickly become cluttered with photos of dream kitchens, laundry room storage solutions or playroom DIY hacks. Instead, take advantage of Pinterest’s new board sections as a way to organize pins. After I divided my “living room” board into separate sections for paint colors, throw pillows and rugs, I instantly felt more organized.

Next, try setting a time limit for browsing. For me, 30 minutes is about all I can take before my head starts spinning. And knowing I only have a limited time to search ensures I stay on track.

Keep your searches specific. According to Pinterest, there are more than 14 billion “home” ideas on its site – and the category continues to grow with a 75 percent increase in pins year over year. Basically, it is a limitless sea of options. The more you can hone in on what you want, the more Pinterest will work for you.

Be ruthless with your pins. When I look at my board, I want to feel inspired, not overwhelmed. By deleting pins that aren’t compatible with my style, existing decor or budget, I can stay focused on what I really want.

Finally, know when to call it a day. Pinterest can be a great tool for collecting ideas and serving as a digital inspiration board. But sometimes, you just need to call in a professional.

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Article by Courtney Walker


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