Using Wood in the Bathroom

Q: Can wood be used in a bathroom or is it a “no-no?”


A: For many years there has been somewhat of a silent battle between necessary practicalities and designers’ ideas when it comes to wood in the modern bathroom. But yes, in short, you can use wood in the bathroom.  


For the Tub


One way you can use wood in the bathroom is with your bathtub. Though a lot of people may say that water and wood are incompatible, this is one way to go against the grain and do something unique! After all, keep in mind that small tubs, casks and troughs have all been made of various types of woods and worked well over the centuries. You might even consider a wooden bathtub to be a distant descendant of its archaic ancestors.


Maybe not for Bathroom Fixtures…but


Wood may not be fit for bathroom fixtures, but a general trend to sacrifice more functionality for glamorous exterior has brought blocks of rich woods back to circulation.


What’s Becoming Popular?


Here are several ways that wood is becoming very popular in bathrooms.


  • Using salvaged or reclaimed wood on walls as décor. 
  • Using wood-paneling to create a rustic feel in a bathroom.
  • Great for small bathrooms in combination with well-placed mirrors. 
  • Using wood vanity units with modern detailing. Units can be separated from a wall-mounted sink with a sheet of glass for a one-of-a kind look.
  • Use of bright wood paneling for walls throughout the entire bathroom.
  • Use of teak or bamboo for the floor.
  • Use of rough-hewn wood for countertops.

 A Bit of History


 For a bit of history on the compatibility of wood and water, consider the last several last centuries, in which practically all vessels, which crossed the oceans, were built only from wood. It was from this idea that the idea for building bathtubs from wood evolved.


 Woods chosen for their ability to resist moisture include:


  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Wenge 
  • Larch

 There are a host of ways you can implement wood into the bathroom, whether though using wood furniture, trashcans, crates, flooring or even tubs. Talk with us today about how we can help you bring your dreams to life!












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