Q: What are your thoughts on vessel sinks in bathrooms? How do they compare to a normal sink?


A: Installing a vessel sink is one way to add contemporary elegance to your bathroom at an affordable cost. For those readers who aren’t familiar, vessel sinks are specially designed sinks with basins that sit above a cabinet or vanity. They require specialized faucets, due to the height of the sink. Vessel sinks can be crafted from almost any material including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, stone, copper or marble.


There are a number of advantages to installing a vessel sink. Aside from adding flair to the bathroom, many people choose to install vessel sinks because the installation process is not very time-consuming. Unlike other sinks that require custom cutouts, to install a vessel sink all you have to do is cut one hole for the drainpipe to flow through. This makes them easier to change or update than traditional sinks. Additionally, the basins of the vessel sink take up less surface area, which means you’ll have a bit of extra counter space.


Now, let’s move onto the downsides, because there are a few to keep in mind. It’s important to analyze the height of the cabinet or vanity where you’re thinking of installing a vessel sink. Since the basin of the sink sits on top of the surface, make sure that the height of the basin will not be too high to reach. Also, keep in mind that vessel sinks have exposed basin edges, which means that your sink could be prone to chipping, cracking or damage. It’s unlikely that your sink will become damaged, but it is still something to consider. You should also know that the possibility of spills could be a potential problem. Some vessel sinks do not come with overflow relief drains. If you have kids or are worried about spills, you might be slightly limited to select models that have this feature.


Not long ago, vessel sinks were considered high-end products, and were far out of the price range many people would be willing to spend on a sink. Today, they are available to homeowners at nearly any budget level. If you’re looking for a stylish vessel sink to add sophistication to your bathroom, ACo can help you choose one that’s ideal for you.


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