Vinyl Flooring in the Home

Q. Where can vinyl flooring be installed in the home?


A. When choosing flooring for your home there are several options to consider. A part from serving as a place to walk, flooring provides comfort and adds to the overall design of your home. Vinyl floors are increasingly becoming a popular choice due to their strength, versatility, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. In choosing vinyl it is important to define what rooms are best suited for this ‘super material’.

The bathroom of your home is a great place to install vinyl. Bathroom floors are more prone to water damage, due to the constant exposure to water from both the bathtub and the sink. In this case, vinyl flooring can help resist the moisture by withstanding up to the constant exposure to the water. Due to the vast availability of contemporary colors and patterns, you will easily find the perfect vinyl flooring for your bathroom’s décor.


The kitchen floor constantly faces spills and stains. Luckily, the coating provided in the vinyl flooring makes spills easy to handle! Since vinyl flooring offers easy clean up, it is a perfect option for the kitchen. Vinyl flooring also stands the test of time by staying strong and effective against scratches, which can be caused by falling utensils or the family dog begging for a treat! There are many options with vinyl that will make your kitchen floor resemble hardwood or tile.


The basement can serve as a playroom, storeroom or a workroom; it is that part of the house, which specifically requires durable flooring. Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for the basement; due to its ability to not only enhance the appearance, but to provide a warm, comforting appeal. Since this type of flooring is durable, low maintenance, and scratch free, you can save from wasting hours on cleaning it. The basement would be a great place to play around with the variety of cool patterns and contemporary colors that vinyl flooring comes in.


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