Walnut Cabinetry: On-Trend And Timeless

Walnut Cabinetry: On-Trend And Timeless

You may create culinary masterpieces that wow guests at the helm of your six-burner range with dual ovens, have the team over for the big game thanks to your smart fridge and beverage cooler, or graciously host the family for the holidays courtesy of your expansive island and dining table. But the unsung heroes of your kitchen team are the cabinets! From storage, organization, and durability to on-point style and lasting beauty, your cabinetry plays an integral role in the design of this all-important, multi-functional space.

Walnut cabinetry is both on-trend and timeless. What does it bring to the table, so to speak?

The Authentic Beauty of Walnut Cabinetry

Walnut cabinetry makes itself quite at home in a variety of designs and styles. While cherry and oak tend to lead the pack in terms of popularity, walnut offers a timeless aesthetic and unique qualities:


Woods like oak, cherry, and ash tend to be lighter naturally; walnut offers a darker appearance that is warm and rich. Unlike other woods (e.g. birch or pine) which can have a more uniform pattern, there is a great deal of variation in swoops and swirls of the grain. The colors, too, vary depending on the type of walnut. You will see layered hues that range from pale blond to yellowish of the sapwood (i.e. the outermost part of the wood) to deeper tones of the heartwood (i.e. the core of the wood). Think chocolate, coffee, espresso… perfect for the kitchen!


Walnut is a highly durable, dense wood. While not the hardest wood (oak and hickory are objectively harder), it is more than capable of standing up to the rigors of a busy kitchen. It easily withstands scratches, dents, and dings, and it is more resistant to water than softer varieties like birch. This is an important feature in humid, moisture-rich environments like the kitchen.


Walnut has been prized for centuries in furniture- and cabinetmaking. It carves well, and even intricate designs hold their shape beautifully over time. While today’s cabinets are more likely to feature clean, smooth lines (e.g. Shaker style, flat panel, inset), the versatility of walnut makes it an enduring choice.

This intriguing wood also demonstrates its versatility in the freedom it allows you when choosing finishes and cabinet hardware. Whether you are going for a classic traditional look or contemporary flavor, walnut is a pro at accommodating your aesthetic.

Low Maintenance

Caring for walnut cabinets is a breeze. Simply use a clean, dry lint-free cloth to wipe the surfaces free of dust. To remove mild stains, add a bit of water. If you have some serious blemishes or cooking grease buildup, drop a dab of mild detergent into water and apply with your cloth. Alternatively, some people use a 50/50 white vinegar/water solution. (Be sure to ask your builder, contractor, or installer for specific care tips!)

Towel dry when done. That’s it.

Keep In Mind When Choosing Walnut Cabinets

Walnut cabinetry comes in at a higher price point than many other woods. This is why people started opting for walnut veneers. It is essential to know what you want, what you’re getting, and what you’re paying for! Solid wood is the higher-quality choice; it is more durable, and you won’t have to deal with the veneer peeling or chipping away. Solid walnut cabinets are built to last, a critical consideration when you are making an investment in the heart of your home.

Going with solid walnut also gives you the flexibility to restain or refinish, if that ever becomes necessary. (Which it won’t with proper — and simple — routine care. But it’s nice to have the option!)

Wondering if walnut cabinetry is the right option for you? Check out ACo’s helpful guide, All About Cabinets for Your Home for the information you need to make the best choice for your kitchen goals.

Love Where You Live

The ACo team has one mission: to ensure that you love where you live. Your kitchen cabinetry plays an important role not only in the style and functionality of your space, but your overall enjoyment in your home. Get in touch; we want to learn about your dream kitchen… and bring it to life.


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