Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

The look of natural hardwood but at a fraction of the price, laminate has proven to be a very popular flooring option for homeowners everywhere. It’s beautiful, it’s durable, it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to install, & best of all our newest laminate lines are highly resistant to water.

When laminate flooring first made a splash back in the 70’s, one of its biggest drawbacks was its porosity. Lucky, nowadays, manufacturers have developed a more stable & water-resistant option.

While we do not recommend fully submerging laminate flooring in water, it can absolutely withstand the everyday wear and tear of kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms, powder rooms, & even basements.

Laminate flooring is typically comprised of 4 layers.

  1. The Top Aluminum Oxide Wear Layer
  2. The Photographic Layer
  3. The Core Layer
  4. The Backing Layer

The core layer is the main layer that determines a products resistance to water. A standard laminate’s core layer is typically made from a product like High Density Fiberboard. HDF is highly susceptible to moisture absorption, causing the product to

swell & become damaged. On the other hand, water resistant laminate generally has a less porous core making it less likely to absorb water.

For example, Shaw Floors, our leading laminate distributor, uses left-over wood fibers from the hardwood manufacturing plant to create their own patented water resistant core layer, known as Opticore. Opticore is then backed with melamine for additional stability and water resistance.

Not only are Shaw’s recycling techniques eco-friendly many of their laminates are manufactured in the United States too. Click here for more information on our Shaw Laminate Collections and to learn more about the other laminate lines we offer.

When shopping for laminate flooring, ask about the product’s composition to be sure you are getting a quality, water-resistant floor. After all, we want you to love your new floors!

Check out our handy guide for everything you need to know about flooring. Then get started finding the perfect floors for your home, connect with us today to schedule a complimentary design consultation.


by Amanda Wagoner


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