Wet Bar

Wet Bar

Q: We would like to add a wet bar area to our kitchen. What are some design and function ideas?

A: Have you ever noticed that many gatherings or parties seem to end up in the kitchen? If so, a kitchen wet bar area can definitely come in handy for entertaining guests and creating a fun, inviting atmosphere. Wet bars can be large, small, luxurious or basic. It’s completely up to the homeowner to decide how much space you’d like to dedicate. With a well stocked wet bar, you’ll be able to revert your kitchen from functional cooking space to hopping party area and back again.

The first thing you’ll want to decide is where to situate the bar within the kitchen. You will probably want it to be slightly separated from the majority of the cooking space so that it doesn’t get in the way of day-to-day meal preparation. You can devote any amount of space to the wet bar, from a small corner to an entire wall depending on your preference. Underused pantries, closets and more could also be converted into wet bar space if properly equipped with electricity and water.

At the very least, you’ll want a cabinet and counter-top to help store all of the liquor, glasses and other bar accessories. Display all of the glassware in the overhead cabinets, while keeping the liquor, wine cooler, blender or ice-maker out of the way in the cabinetry below. You may also want to consider installing a bar sink on the counter-top to make clean up easier (or as a place to chill drinks conveniently).

The cabinetry is where you can really have some fun and be creative with your wet bar design. You can customize your bar with the ideal storage for the type of entertaining you do. If you are a big wine fan, design a hutch to horizontally store wine bottles. Install refrigerated drawers in your cabinet to chill liquors and beers. You could even have the wet bar space double as a morning coffee area or smoothie stand so the whole family can enjoy it. Make sure you design the wet bar with your favorite activities in mind. That way, it’ll become one of the most utilized spots in your home.


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