Q. My kitchen needs a complete remodel, but I don’t have the budget to transform the entire kitchen at one time. What do you recommend doing first?


A. Most people relate kitchen remodeling with the combined processes of demolishing walls, installing new appliances and replacing storage. Even though this may be true at times, renovating your kitchen can be quite simple and cost-efficient, especially with a company that will design and manage the process for you!

Here is our one-step-at-a-time guide to help you decide what to do first:

1. Paint: We suggest that the painting process be done first. Painting can cause a big mess from the rollers, sprayers, etc. You do not want this mess to end up on your new cabinetry, flooring, appliances and so forth. So, let the painting process be finished first before the bucket of paint spills on your brand new floor. Since you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen you want to be sure to choose your colors wisely. Take the time to match the colors of your kitchen’s backsplash with the colors in a paint store to then decide on the most stunning look for your kitchen.

2. Flooring: Done painting? Time to get the floor installed. Flooring may take some extra time because after the installation process, several coats of finishing materials may have to be applied. We advise you to hire an experienced professional to cater to the remodeling of your kitchen floor. Experts can help you with several different flooring options like the ever-popular hardwood, ceramic tile or vinyl flooring.

3. Cabinets: Once the flooring is complete, cabinets would be the next best feature to install. If you have a strict budget, you can always consider the process of re-facing the cabinets of your kitchen. If the wood is worn out, use stain products with polyurethane to fix it. During the installation of cabinets, make use of spec sheets to know the requirements of electrical outlets, vents or plumbing lines. You want to be proactive in making sure you have all dimensions outlined prior to the actual installation.

4. Countertops: Once the cabinets are installed, it’s time for the countertops. If granite countertops fit your budget, we highly recommend them. Granite countertops will make a dull kitchen look very opulent and will add value to your home resell value.

5. Appliances: After installing countertops in your kitchen, you can get then your appliances delivered and installed.

Voolia! You’re new kitchen is complete.



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