What Does a Kitchen Remodel REALLY Cost?

What Does a Kitchen Remodel REALLY Cost?

When I talk with clients about kitchen renovation, one of their biggest concerns is always the cost. This is understandable; remodeling a kitchen is a big investment. Having an idea of how much your project will cost can help you determine if it’s the right time to remodel, and what options you have. I’ve assembled some tools to help you determine what a kitchen remodel really costs.

According to the website Remodeling, the average cost for a major kitchen renovation in our region is just over $56,000 for a midrange project and over $113,000 for an upscale project. Where is all that money going? This breakdown may aid you as you plan your budget.

  • Demolition is 4 to 8% of your budget
  • Mechanicals like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are 7 to 18% of your budget
  • Framing is 2 to 7% of your budget
  • Flooring is 8 to 15% of your budget
  • A tiled backsplash is 1.8 to 4% of your budget
  • Cabinets are 38 to 50% of your budget
  • Countertops are 12 to 20% of your budget
  • Fixtures are 2 to 5% of your budget

Miscellaneous expenses and project management accounts for 6 to 10% of your budget

Taking the average cost for a renovation and applying these percentages can help you determine how much your renovation will cost. Remember, however, that these statistics are just a guideline. Your actual cost may vary based on the size and scope of your project.

If you have more questions and concerns about budgeting for your renovation, I invite you to stop by our showroom. Our team can answer your questions and help you find solutions that will give you the kitchen you want without breaking the bank. I also recommend coming to one of our seminars to learn more about our products and get your questions answered. We look forward to making the most of your investment by giving you a kitchen you love!


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