Q. I am currently getting ready for my first home renovation (kitchen).  What are some things I can expect during this renovation, especially in a room as used as the kitchen?


A. First things first, know going into this project (which undoubtedly be extremely rewarding) that it will take time. More time than you probably think. It takes planning, details and decision making to create your ‘dream kitchen’. Below are some things you may expect as you prepare to start your kitchen remodel:

It takes time: As stated, a kitchen transformation takes time. It can last from 3-4 weeks to up to 2-3 months depending on the size and complexity of the project.  One thing we always do is to discuss a time schedule and timeline for the project. This way we are all clear on time expectations.

Set a budget: The best way to set a budget for your kitchen remodel is to calculate 15 percent of your home’s present market value. However, be prepared and flexible when it comes to additional expenses. In general, we like to be as upfront and clear as possible. Yet, as you start creating you may see some things you like that you hadn’t thought of beforehand.

Anticipate the mess
: Once the deconstruction phase begins, expect a lot of mess from the demolition of countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting and appliances. You should expect that the entire area might be messy and dusty. We like to keep things as clean as possible. For all our projects we lay and hang plastic protectors to keep dust with the space being worked on. Regardless, mess will occur! So just be realistic as the transformation takes place.

If you can’t cook, you can still eat
: As the process progresses the use of your kitchen for cooking may be interrupted. Plan ahead by finding another area in your home you could use to plug in your microwave or toaster. By thinking ahead you can save some major headaches down the road.

Give yourself a break: Being in a messy home can be very frustrating at times. Enjoy your day by going out of the house for a movie or a visit to a museum. Soon your project will be over and it will all be worth it!


Taking on a home-improvement project can have an impact on your finances and your emotional well-being and that’s why you need the right partner in your corner. ACo will work closely with you on every detail of your project to ensure that the job is completed to the highest standards with the lowest amount of stress.




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