What to Look for When Re-Doing Your Kitchen

Q. What are people looking for when they redo their kitchens?

A. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to people looking to remodel their kitchen. There are different occasions when one considers making some changes to their kitchen’s current design, layout and décor. Out of all the reasons, convenience is the driving factor for the majority of people to plan a remodeling project. Here are few things people look for when they redo their kitchen:

      Repair: Kitchen cabinets, walls, countertops and floors are more prone to wear and tear and require mild to heavy repairs time and time again. While planning for repairs, people usually consider a partial or full remodeling as they would have to deal with the mess of construction anyway.


      Style: Kitchen cabinets and countertops styles tend to go out of fashion. Vintage styles can be very attractive but can become out of fashion as quickly as they become trendy. On the other hand, many people are not very proud to show their kitchen to their guests and consider renovating the cabinets by refacing them and go for options that are “in” this season.


      Space: Some kitchens have little walking space, small storage space or difficult to reach cabinets. People like to get their kitchen redesigned so that there is more walking and reachable storage space.


      Efficiency: If the kitchen appliances are dated, they may be costing the homeowners more money than they realize. The latest advancements in dishwashers, refrigerators and disposals can save them good amount of money and are worth every penny of investment.

      Finish:Adding finishing touches to the kitchen give a little touch of luxury and elegance to its overall look. Most homeowners today are going for a full white cover painted finish. Maple wood is popular for this type of finishing. 


Remodeling a kitchen adds a good resale value to the home. While some people look for new kitchen appliances with convenient features, others look for convenience in the overall design and storage space. Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, it is important for it to make the best impression and to do so the first time.


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