What to Know Before You Remodel: A Homeowner’s Guide to a Stress-Less Project!

What to Know Before You Remodel: A Homeowner’s Guide to a Stress-Less Project!

Getting ready to embark on an exciting home improvement project? What… not so excited? If you’re feeling a little anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, our best advice is to breathe! When you choose the right contractor, the process will be as smooth and streamlined as possible. Pro tip #2 is to know what to expect as you move forward. This can help alleviate concerns – and ensure that the “unexpected” isn’t quite so unexpected after all.  

What to Know Before You Remodel 

So, what do you need to know before a bathroom or kitchen remodel to reduce stress and uncertainty?  

  • Change Orders. “Surprises” can pop up during home remodels (e.g. wiring issues hidden behind the walls or more significant damage to the underfloor than previously thought). The ACo team produces detailed drawings, measures twice, and conducts onsite pre-construction visits in order to reduce the chances that we’ll run into an unexpected challenge. But in case we do, we offer a Change Order Guarantee. ACo will cover up to $1000 of potentially hidden change orders. The unforeseen doesn’t stand a chance! 
  • Budget Considerations. A good place to start is with our Budget Calculators, this will give you a general idea of what to expect. Next comes the ballpark estimate from one of our designers. This is a general range or figure based on our conversations with you, your unique space and requirements, and our knowledge. Hard numbers will not come into play until we have a design together and you have made material selections. As a result, your original estimate may fluctuate. However, ACo is always mindful of your budget and strives to keep costs within that ballpark. 
  • Design Process. This is an exciting phase, and the amount of time it takes depends on a variety of factors, including revisions to drawings, material selections, the flexibility of your schedule, and your decision-making process. We want you to love where you live – and enjoy the remodeling process. If you need more time and guidance to select materials or other design elements, for example, we’re there with you every step of the way. It may lengthen the design phase but getting it right at this point is critical. 

These are all issues that your contractor should discuss with you. When you have a solid idea of what to know before you remodel, you can proceed with confidence (and a good ballpark estimate!).  

You should also keep in mind that the process of actually remodeling your home can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  

The Home Remodeling Emotional Roller Coaster 

A kitchen or bathroom remodel is more than a project; it’s an opportunity to transform your home and implement the details – large and small – that will make you fall in love with it all over again. But it can also be trying, and homeowners experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

The “highs” are usually hit during the design phase and when you can see the work being completed: walls knocked down here, framing put up there. The “lows” may be frustration when work seems to slow (this is when the cement is curing, the mud is drying, and the contractor is communicating with inspectors), or when you’re just sick of having people, no matter how tidy and respectful, in your house! 

The twists and turns of change orders, estimates, and project timelines can also get your heart racing. Again, though, when you find the right contractor, the roller coaster goes from “Tower of Terror” to “It’s a Small World.”  

 Our team is ready to help you love where you live. Contact ACo for a free design consultation and let’s get started. 




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