What You Should Know about Ceramic Flooring

Q: Our company is considering an upgrade to ceramic floors for a series of properties to attract a more high-end demographic. What is the average life of the floors how durable are they? (What would make a floor break?)

A. Yes, many property managers and homeowners are turning to ceramic for its durability and design. Ceramic looks great throughout the house, especially in your kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Actually, there are some great advantages to ceramic tile you should know.

Advantages to Ceramic Tile

  •  Ceramic tile is among the most durable of flooring surfaces.
  • Ceramic tile is naturally beautiful, but you can enjoy a variety of sizes, colors, textures and patterns in your tile.
  • Ceramic tile has been around for centuries! In the last decade developments in technology have allowed manufacturers to even further develop the designs and applications for its use and durability.

 Characteristics of Ceramic Tile

  • Durability: If it is installed properly, it can outlast and outperform nearly any other floor covering product.
  • Care: Glazed tile will resist stains, odors and dirt and is very easy to take care of. It can be cleaned with a damp mop, sponge, or common household cleaners.
  • Scratches: Grades III and IV glazed tiles are very resistant to scratching. And of course they won’t tear!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Ceramic tile is manufactured using natural materials and doesn’t contain or retain odors, allergens or bacteria.
  • Fire Resistant: Ceramic tile doesn’t burn and doesn’t emit toxic fumes. Not even a lit cigarette, allowed to sit, will damage ceramic tile. Hot kitchen pans or skillets also will not scorch, melt or do any damage to your ceramic tile.
  • Water Resistant: Most glazed ceramic tile is very dense and doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate.



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