When to Begin a Home Improvement Project

Q. My kitchen AND bathroom need remodeled.  With this large task ahead of me, I don’t know when the best time to start would be. When is the best time to start a home improvement project?

A. Are you are planning to breathe new life to your kitchen and bathroom? Hold that thought. Before beginning on any renovation project, we recommend you do your due dilligence. Without proper planning, any project can easily become your biggest nightmare. Follow these primary steps to get your kitchen and bathroom remodelling project on track.

1. Gather ideas: Go through magazines, internet, books, TV and every possible resource to gather ideas. If you see that the remodelling photos interest you, simply add them to your stylebook. This process will help both you and your remodelling professional. For some great ideas, check out our Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/affordablecos/) and Houzz (http://www.houzz.com/pro/theaffordablecompanies/the-affordable-companies)

2. Define your goal
: There must be a reason why you want to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. Maybe you want to add more space or value to your home’s resale in few years. Or, maybe you are simply tired of how it looks or functions. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your needs and wants before you lay hands on the makeover process. 

3. Know your budget
: Have a general idea on how much you can spend on each of the projects. Establish a detailed inventory list on the items for your wish list and then compare their prices with your preliminary budget to prevent you from exceeding your budget’s deadline.

4. Understanding supply and demand
: Costs of building materials like cement, paint and lumber fluctuate around the year, depending on the demand of that specific material. Planning your remodelling project in advance will help you find the materials you need when their prices are the lowest in the market.

5. Reasonable expectations
: When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodel, make sure you have realistic expectations. Every remodelling process takes time, planning and patience. Talk to people who have gone through this process before. And, always expect the unexpected.

6. Start your project!


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