Q: We have thought of remodeling our kitchen but would like to know what reasons others have for going for it.


A: The reasons are plenty! But as a homeowner, you will not only be thinking of all the benefits—it’s those uncertainties about outcome, length of time, the unexpected and more that might keep your dream of renovation at bay.


Tackle the Uncertainties


We know from talking with hundreds of homeowners that one of the biggest reasons for hesitations in renovation decision-making is the uncertainty of the process, etc. Sitting down to list the pros and cons of the renovation is a great way to tackle some of these uncertainties, as well as identifying any specific uncertainties that you have. As expert advisors, the staff at ACo can help you sort through what is realistic and what true question marks might appear through a renovation in your home.


The Best of the Benefits


Consider that if you have been thinking about a renovation for any amount of time, there are probably some issues with your current kitchen or bathroom that are bothering you. And while the window for doing a renovation might be flexible for you, those nagging feelings—your dissatisfaction, those outdated cabinets or your not-so-stunning floor—won’t go away any time soon.


Fall in Love Again

Other clients tell us that they have found themselves falling in love with their homes all over again after a one or two room renovation. We have heard story after story of how homeowners were planning to list their home and decided to renovate their kitchen, flooring, or bathrooms and ended up loving the updates so much that they decided not to sell!


The Need for Repairs

Still many of our clients go for the renovation simply for practical reasons—the need for repairs. Sometimes it starts with replacing a kitchen appliance or a few ceramic tiles and then the idea grows into something more comprehensive. While replacing an entire kitchen floor may take more resources than fixing a tile or two, the finished product is just the wow-factor homeowners are looking for.


Improve your Home Value

Finally, we see many homeowners look at renovation as a way to improve their home value. Our clients enjoy returns on investment when they do sell their homes. What’s more, the stunning bathrooms and kitchens leave great impressions with visitors, friends and families.


Whether it’s the compliments, the wow-factor, the next home goal or something else, ACo can help you achieve the renovation you are looking for in your current home.



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