Why Should You Have Stone Countertops?

Why Should You Have Stone Countertops?

Q: We are ready to go big on our kitchen countertops—what should we consider when it comes to stone options?

A: The look is rich, the feel is luxurious and the material is durable.  These are just a few reasons why you should select stone countertops. Whether selecting stone from the slab or produced as individual tiles, each piece of the natural stone is unique unto itself—another fantastic reason to choose stone. Consider these seven stone countertop options when selecting the best for your kitchen. Then visit our showroom to see them for yourself!


Granite is one of the most durable of the natural stone countertops.  The only harder stone is the diamond.  It resists scratching and can withstand heat. Granite is available in rich colors and a polish that won’t wear off.  Caring for granite is simple; just reseal it about once a year.


Soapstone, which is primarily made up of the mineral talc is popular in both modern and country style kitchens.  The nature of soapstone means acids won’t etch the stone and the stains can be easily sanded out.  Homeowners tend to like the not-so-perfect soapstone and view it as character instead of flaws.  Mineral oil brings out its rich, dark color and makes it shine. 


A sleek and elegant marble countertop is timeless. Often found in the baker’s kitchen, it is the serious bakers’ choice for rolling dough. Marble is easy to care for with a periodic simple reseal. Coveted for its simple beauty, it makes an excellent choice for adding timeless elegance and sophistication.


Beautiful slate is available in tones of gray, green, purple and black. It is an increasingly popular choice in the kitchen. Its beauty and strength make it a durable and stylish option. As with soapstone, regular treatment with mineral oil will bring out the beauty of this material. Any scratches can usually be removed by rubbing with a damp sponge. Deeper scratches can be buffed out by using steel wool.


Limestone consists mainly of calcite, a neutral-toned mineral. Adored for its natural and old-world look, limestone is a beautiful choice for anyone looking for a touch of beauty and history.  Maintaining this stone is easier than you may think. A regular resealing will prevent stains.


Quartz is an interesting stone countertop. Though often called engineered stone, this material is composed of natural quartz mixed with epoxy resin binders. Quartz is an incredibly hard and durable surface. It is nonabsorbent, which makes it very user friendly and stain resistant. It is essentially maintenance free with just a simple wipe off with warm water. Pigments mixed with the epoxy offer a wide array of beautiful color choices.


Lava stone is a more unusual countertop material.  Lava stone is quarried in France then enameled and fired.  It has a very high gloss finish and colors can be customized.

No matter your budget, there is a beautiful floor waiting for. Contact us today to learn all the ways ACo can help you bring luxury to your home!



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